About Us

The officers, along with other members of the Board of Trustees, the Manager, and all other employees have been and are interested in the continued welfare of men and women of retirement age in providing continued active living, both physically and mentally.  All officers and members of the Board of Trustees have served and so serve without pay. The Board of Trustees consists of eleven members elected at the annual meeting of members of Prairie View Home, a non-profit corporation. The Board of Trustees employs the Manager, and the Manager employs the other employees with the consent of the Trustees. The Manager and Treasurer have charge of all monetary affairs of Prairie View and each is adequately bonded by a corporate surety bond.

Prairie View was constructed in part by contributions from interested people and in a larger part by a loan from the US Government which was paid in full in August 2013.  The Rotary club of Garner and the elected Board of Trustees remain the overseers of the operations of Prairie View Home.  The United State Congress adopted legislation prior to the construction of Prairie View to encourage this type of retirement-age living.  By the cooperation of the people of Garner, Iowa, and surrounding communities, Prairie View is a reality and a source of pride.