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2012: The Year of Changes

Throughout 2012 Prairie View underwent a major remodeling venture. Residents watched as rooms, fixtures, carpeting, furniture, and other features were replaced with new configurations and furnishings. The grand project of "out with the old, in with the new" resulted in a updated environment that is tastefully warm and inviting.

Your photo stroll below begins from Prairie View's Front Entrance.
Front Lounge  



One of the newly remodeled features is the front lounge adjoining the main entrance. It is located where the manager's office once stood.

Windows to the east overlook a walled-in grassy patio area.

The front lounge is a perfect spot to catch the Prairie View courtesy car for appointments or shopping, simply visit with friends, or wait for the morning mail.




The Manager's Office, formerly undersized, was repositioned on the west side of the front entry and expanded. The window with the blinds can be lowered to allow visual access to hallway activity.

LuAnn Lauters,


Manager's Office

The placement of the new office with its windowed "walls" give Ms Lauters a favorable vantage point for observing the comings and goings of both visitors and strangers.

Guest Book table

Visitors are requested to sign the Guest Book as they enter Prairie View

New Entryway / Dining Room Divider    




The attractive windowed wall of the divider marks the division between the entryway and the dining room.

The Room Divider (as seen from dining room side) holds semi-transparent screens which can be adjusted to give the residents privacy while dining


New Coffee Bar: Residents' Social Center
One of the residents' happy surprises for enduring months of construction was the addition of a coffee bar located at the west end of the dining area.

Coffee Bar / Dining Room Divider
Separating the Coffee Bar area from the main dining room is a multi-purpose counter / divider which can be used as a snack bar / buffet for special occasions. It is so constructed that walkers can be temporarily "parked" underneath the counter to keep them out of the way while staff members serve meals.



A similar counter is positioned on the east end of the dining room to accommodate additional walkers. It, too, can be used for entertainment displays.


The Dining Room



Perhaps no other room has changed as much as the dining room has. New flooring, furniture, curtains, etc., as well as room configuration have transformed it into an elegant show piece.



Taken from the east end of the dining room, the photograph shows the open expansive nature of the dining room, Coffee bar, and entrance -- all within close proximity to one another, yet separate entities. On the left wall the personal mailboxes of each resident are visible, beyond that to the left of the divider wall is the windowed manager's office. At the far center of the photo is the coffee bar.

Miscellaneous Updates



In addition to the front lounge, there are two others, simply referred to as the West and the East lounges. Both lounges has new carpeting and furnishings installed.


Pictured here is the East Lounge, where reading the morning newspaper is a pleasant experience.



For well over 20 years, probably more, the East Lounge has had a puzzle-in-progress.


The "new" library is well-stocked with books, magazines, and browsing materials.


A computer room for tech-minded residents was also completed last year and is nearby.









Apartment Remodeling

Many of the smaller one-person apartments have been remodeled into two-person, double room apartments.

New fixtures in the remodeled apartments include [left to right]:
1) shower stalls; 2) cupboards with roll-out drawers. These under-the-counter units replace the small refrigerators once used.  Each remodeled apartment now comes equipped with a larger, stand-alone refrigerator; 3) full view of the kitchen units

shower image
cupboards image
kitchen image


Thus you come to the end of the photo tour of Prairie View; however, an even finer tour is for you to visit our facility and see for yourself what a beautiful, pleasant, homey place it is.
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